08 August 2010

Folk Club Night - July 30

Another lovely night of music making at the Newport Hall - lots of people (40+) with the usual mix of tunes, songs and lovely fellowship that music and the people create. Towards the end of the night a group of musicians started playing tunes from the Gypsy Collection and very quickly there was a gypsy orchestra of 12 players and a group of people who were moved by the rhythms to get up and dance. Its a small hall, and it only took a couple of brave souls to start the ball rolling - dancing, clapping, and a few Oi, Oi, Oi's. There is some planning underway to get the dancing up as an integral part of the monthly sessions - sheet music distributed, dance steps to be learned, and wild rhythms to be tamed. What a fine idea - the folk club is 'moving forward' into dance!

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