11 May 2014

Celebrating the 125th Anniversary of the Old Laverton School 3 May 2014

Nothing if not versatile! NFFC Storyteller Jackie Kerin and Alan Davies (Newport Community Choir) joined forces to recreate an assembly as part of the celebrations of the old one-teacher Laverton school.

Opened in 1888, Jackie and Alan dressed for the part and had great fun slipping across time zones and evoking memories of school milk, vaccinations and even snake bite. The flag was raised, anthem sung and oath sworn ( the boys saluting and the girls with hands on hearts). Alan's conducting skills were tested as he led the assembled through a rousing version of 'Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree'. The 'class' proved so capable, he then went on to attempt a round! They were pretty good, considering most of the 'students' probably hadn't sung in this way for over 40 years!

Jackie demonstrated the old art of string storytelling and then told a story about that Irish bushranger who had been hanged just 8 years before the school was opened.

The Old Laverton School is a beautiful acoustic venue if you are looking for a place to make music: HERE

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