26 January 2014

NBO Triumphs at Altona Australia Day

This is the third year in a row we have done this gig and finally  God looked upon our endeavors in a benevolent mood and gave us the perfect day! 24 C and a sea breeze, birds tweeting and a nice shady marquee..... almost heaven. It  was our second performance for 2014 and our rustiness didn't show.. much. The old energy was there and it was obvious that members are finally developing love affairs with microphones as most stood only a couple of meters from them  this time! Kerry Duke's new  mandolin drowned out all of us. Finally we can hear how amazingly improved he is. He tells me that his mandolin cost more to get posted  than it did toy buy.... surely a first!
        Present were: Kerry, Helen, Annette, David B, Bruce W, Bruce S, Mark, Rob, Maryanne, Neil, Trevor, Alasdair, Bill G.
Highlight for me was the young feller dancing relentlessly in front of the stage. He was totally uninhibited as many Downs' Syndrome folks are and had all the latest moves down pat. The full-figured attractive lady that came up and danced with him had his complete attention at chest height...I wondered why. I wish all Australians would dance as well as he did. The 2 month break did not help my very rusty tune selection. I am looking forward to the first BO session on Feb 3 so I can get some match practice. Next up at present is our Bush Dance on March 16.... Just enough time to get organized,

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