03 December 2013

NBO for 2013 - Report on an Institution as it Completes another successful Year of Music Making

So What Happened This Year to NBO
Greg wins Tamworth golden Fiddle Award for lifetime achievement. NBO responsible for his higher than most profile.
Jackie Keren being a passionate NBO in the right place at the right time.
This produced an impromptu party! Super.
Josephina Paulson showed us the delights of the Nikelharp.

NBO Lakes Bush Dance
We got away with it again...lovely weather
Leonie Kervins Exhibition saw many NBO members add spice to the mix.
Our Spanish friends Blas and Elisa, two of the loveliest BO members left for further adventures.
We naturally had a party at G and H's Elisa cried a lot.
Gearing up for the Festival
We had a low profile at the festival this year , but even so NBO members featured in all sorts of activities. Gordon and Bill's tunes were the best thing at the festival
9th Birthday of NFFC
lots of cake and tunes.
Tall Ships
Absolute vindication of our ear playing , feral approach to playing music. 3 performances each one a killer. Great atmosphere.
Extended Families Gig raised the spirits of everyone who went . One special moment is up on Blog
Music on Mason another great feelgood performance. The oldies at the bowling club were hanging over the fence  listening.
Performance At UCAN Willy library . Greg in hospital but did not make a bit of diff. We now have the depth to cover anybody missing.
Break up party at G&H's a hoot about 50 people and tons of playing.

We had last session and got ready to be christmas orchestrarians.
What A year.
New members...and blow ins were:
Blas Elisa, Mark,Veronica, Rosaleen, Deb, David, Barbara, gregMirella  hope they come back. All in all a year to remember, challenges and triumphs aplenty.
Thank You All

Greg O'Leary

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