18 March 2013

Newport Lakes Bush Dance - Good Weather for a Great Day

The 8th Annual Newport Lakes Bush Dance was another very successful gig for the folk club.  While the weather might have looked ominous in the morning, it cleared up beautifully by mid afternoon and ended up a lovely autumn evening.  The Newport Bush Orchestra was in full swing and the Jackie Kerin, Dharma Picking, The Newport Lakes PS Choir, Georgina Stewart, Folkus and the Six O'Clock Swill provided the entertainment.  However as always it was the dancers who got the spirit of the day moving and it was great to see young and old get up and dance for each of the sets.  Neil Jolly taught the steps and then the NBO struck up the tunes for lively sets of good old Australian Bush Dances in this wonderful setting.  Fairy Alison and her new helper Fairy Alana were kept busy painting faces all day and the children and some adults looked a treat.  Many thanks to organiser Christine McDonald and her team for putting the event together - your efforts were really appreciated.  Enjoy the pics.

                                       Story telling with Jackie Kerin and an entranced audience
                              Newport Lakes PS Choir are well and truly part of the Newport Music Scene!

                             The Newport Bush Orchestra taking a well deserved break - and photo op.
                                 The circle dances are always lots of fun
                                      This young man taking it all in - his very first bush dance.
                          Event organiser Christine McDonald (centre) taking time to enjoy the afternoon.
                                                      Fairy Alana and two of her painted faces
                                     This man sums up the mood of the afternoon - Yahoooooooooo!

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