10 February 2013

Six O'Clock Swill Returns to the RSL

Local NFFC band 'The Six O'Clock Swill' has their first Melbourne gig at the Newport RSL bands and bbq afternoon yesterday Feb 10.  It was a great day and Steve Simon Bruce and Mick enjoyed playing for a friendly and appreciative audience.  The monthly Sunday session is now an institution in Newport and provides lots of opportunities for bands and players of all genres to get up on stage. NFFC'er Rob Broatch and his mate Derek kicked off the afternoon and the punters were duly impressed.   

 The afternoon is always a very social affair and this was no exception.  Edward Nass, who is president of BADFOLK folk club from Berwick was on duties for MC and Sound man as Jan Dandridge is still laid up with a crook ankle.  Edward performed with a couple of outfits during the afternoon and was keen for a chat about how BADFOLK could get involved in the Newport Folk Festival.  We'll have to see what comes from that chat. There was also a couple from Gippsland who manage the  Darnum Musical Village   They were keen musos (flute and guitar) and were keen to get the 'Swill' to come down for a Sunday session in their hall.  Great to make connections with fellow folkies from around the state. 
 One of the highlights of the afternoon was the set by Liam Haven.  Liam is a young muso who lives in Newport and is in the army.  He did a tour in Afghanistan  and was one of the many soldiers who was hit by the IED bombs that we hear about briefly in the news from time to time.  The explosion left him with permanent blindness and he is now doing rehab to get back to work in his regiment (see story below).  For all that, he is back to full strength, writing his own material and playing some pretty impressive guitar licks in the bargain.  All enjoyed his set and we look forward to getting Liam involved in some more of the Newport musical adventures. 
Lots of music in Newport as always..




Private Haven is serving with the 6th Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment, and was wounded in action by a roadside bomb in southern Iraq in May 2008. While on patrol, an improvised explosive device detonated near his vehicle, severely damaging his eyes and causing permanent blindness – he was 19 at the time. Private Haven has served his nation and continues to do so despite his injuries. He is in a rehabilitation program designed to provide him with skills so he can return to the 6th Battalion based in Brisbane. During his rehabilitation, Private Haven is a regular visitor to his battalion keeping up with of all the battalion activities. He is a courageous young man and dedicated soldier who sacrificed a great deal for his nation.

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