27 November 2012


The Festival Committee will shortly be looking for applications to perform at the next Newport Folk Festival.  One of the key requirements on application (apart from being able to perform) is to have a great pic and bio for use in publicity.  Here is an example from Gail and Rick's band  Mysterious Mose (50 words is about spot on).  They are performing Live @Newport early next year. 

A colourful, quirky band drawn from all over Victoria, playing the toe-tapping, good-time music of the 1920's and 30's. 

Jug, blues, jazz, hokum and swing numbers feature classic jug band instrumentation of strings, washboard, kazoo, jug and singing saw with multiple vocals, harmonies and cheeky repartie, all wrapped up in dapper, flapper costumerie. 

So why not dust off your dancing shoes and Mosy on over?!

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