26 October 2012

Still Fiddlin' and Folkin'

The October Session was a hoot - lots of fiddles (none last month) lots of spoken word, plenty of songs and a bit more beside. 
Started off with 'Feel Like Goin' Back Home' from Bran New Day - sounds great with a couple of guitars using capos in different positions - if you are coming along next month feel free to join in. 
Then we had Blas, who is on a year's holiday in Aus (more specifically Newport) singing a Portugese song accompanied by his beautiful uke.  Jackie presented Phar Lap the Wonder Horse in what is now a pre-cup Tradition at the folk club.  Wonderful story, beautifully told, and making use of animate and inanimate props.  Dave Davies also had a horse story - tho wondered that he might be accused of 'flogging a dead horse' so he avoided his own Phar Lap poem. 
What else?  Alan lead everyone in a rousing version of Day Oh, Thomas recited an historical poem about the early days of Williamstown from the perspective of those poor souls stuck in the hulks, the string group played a Brandenburg and a smaltzy favourite (to some) The Rose.  Rick and Nicola followed up their Live@ Newport performance with a couple of Irish slides and tunes, and Bernard and Sarah played 'Jealousy' with reference to a cat (long story). 
Before the break Maurie presented a lovely rendition of a piece he heard performed just after the second world war, about the meaning of a pack of cards and its reference to the bible.  The folk club continues to live on in a most eclectic fashion.
Lots of tea, coffee and biscuits followed by more music - songs by Toni and her uke, a jam session lead by Blas, the New Gypsy Djangos playing Swing Gitan and lots more.
Apart from Blas who hails from Spain, we also had Bruce who hails from NSW - he came to the festival, loved it, and last night was his first session at the club.  He played harmonics and really enjoyed the night. 
Good simple pleasure of people playing music and performing for enjoyment. 
See what happends next month

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