07 August 2012

Newport Fiddle and Folk (and Vintage Motorcycle) Club

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The Folk Club is very excited to have 2 of our members take part in the Cannonball Run from New York to San Francisco.  Chris Knoop has rebuilt this 1926 Invincible JAP Motorcycle (piece by piece) and made a side car fit for for a Queen (his partner Christine).  Chris is going to present a talk about the journey from start to finish at the Newport Bowls Club this Saturday at 2pm before flying out with his crew next week to take part in the race.  This is not for the feint hearted - lots of riding every day (av 480 kms per day for 18 days) and so the mechanics of the bike will be well and truly tested.  All of us who know Chris have great confidence in the only Newport (and Australian) entry in the race where he will be riding with mostly US teams that are working with much deeper pockets to fund their entries.  All the best Chris and Christine - a safe journey from start to finish and we look forward to following your blog

Lone rider: Chris Knoop is the only Australian entrant in the testing Motorcycle Cannonball Endurance Run from New York to San Francisco. Pictures: Mark Griffin


Mary-Anne Charles said...

Go Chris & Chris!!!!

Stephen Martin said...

latest video (and audio) of the bike.. just about ready to ship to the US!
good luck Chris!

Chris Knoop said...

Guys, thank for all the support.
Bike is packed and this is going out tommorow.

Still much to do.
Keep an eye out on our blog for updates

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