08 September 2010

Newport Bush Orchestra September 06

Present: Alasdair McC, Annette J, Bruce S, Bruce W, Bryan D, Catherine D, Christine H, Christina P, Dave I, Fiona C, Greg O'L, Helen H, Julie R, Kathryn T, Kerry D, Leonie K, Lyn S, Marilla H, Michael dV, Rhonwyn C, Mira M, Wendy L, and guest Patrick Walsh.

Tonight we madly scrambled through most tunes we know in preparation for our gig this coming Thursday (09/09/10) at Breizoz in Williamstown

At the end of the run through, Greg O thought it might be fun to teach the exhausted crew a new tune. Being an adventurous bunch, we thought what the heck and launched into one of the many versions of 'Stan Treacy's' in the key of D.

We also had Patrick Walsh join us for the evening. He played some lovely tunes on his fiddle and button accordion.

A great time was had by all.

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