26 July 2010

Newport Bush Orchestra July 26 - A Finely Tuned Group Indeed

Driving past Outlets on Monday night with the radio down one is always drawn by the Sirens' call of the Newport Bush Orchestra - sweet music and toe tapping tunes. The pictures tell the story - 20 people playing as one, bringing the history of Australia's musical past to life, and enjoy the pleasure of making music. Not much wonder they are ready to set off to the National next year and other festivals and events besides. This sort of thing needs to be shared around, and by the sounds of their calander of engagements it will be: Maldon Folk Festival, the Altona Rotary Art Show, the Polly Woodside are just a couple of the places where the NBO has been asked to bring their special brand of joy in the form of Australian colonial music. This is what Julia means by going forward .................... maybe they'll get a gig at the election Party!

Present: Alasdair Mc C, Bruce W, Catherine D, Chris K, Christine H, Christina P, Dave I, Greg O'L, Helen H, Julie R, Kathryn T, Kerry, Michael D'V, Mira M, Olivia V, Simon D, Wendy L.

Tunes: Yip I Addy I Ay, Wa La Wap A Ping, Le A Le A La, Father Last September Piggle Noir, Watermelon Vine.

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