01 May 2010

Club Night 30 April

Lots of new faces and great music filled the hall for our April get-together. Alan started things off with Pat Works on the Railway, a song about the thousands of Irish labourers who built the American railway system. Jackie told her Ned Kelly story, a fascinating story about a little-known incident in Ned's early years. Greg H gave us a new take on a couple of old favourites, Rita Baker's Polka and Railway Hotel, played in an open G tuning on the guitar. Bernadette, accompanied by Greg J, sang Fields of Gold. Coincidentally Jane and her partner had also planned to sing this song, so we heard it twice, and both performances were very enjoyable!

There was a strong contingent of fiddlers present, and it wasn't long before Moira and Nicola, along with Richard on cello and Rick on guitar, took the stage and gave us Da Slockit Light and The Dark Island. Rob D sang Woody Guthrie's classic song Deportee, with many of us singing along in the chorus.

Then it was time for poetry and Dave rose to the challenge as usual, with a spirited rendition of Henry Lawson's poem The Lights of Cobb & Co. Raymond usually gives us an original song and tonight was no exception with What Are You Looking For?

Greg O has a vast repertoire of songs stored away in his memory, and he pulled out a true gem for us tonight, Woodbine Hill, an old song performed in the traditional way - Greg sang the song while doubling the melody on fiddle. There's a story behind the song, but you had to be there...

After the break, the fiddlers once again took centre stage with a lovely performance of Pachelbel's Canon, followed by Christina with FΓΌr Elise on ukulele. Adapting classical pieces to the uke has become Chris's specialty!

Lyn often comes up with quirky and entertaining songs; tonight it was These Foolish Things, with the lyrics changed to give a satyrical look at 1970s "hippies".

There were lots more songs, including Country Roads from Chris and Ted's "politically incorrect" song full of the names of old cigarette brands, before winding up with the traditional Parting Glass at about 11pm. A big thanks to everyone who came, everyone who sang and played, and we'll see you all again next month.

Photos coming soon...

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