12 April 2010

Newport Bush Orchestra - Tuning Up For Term 2!

Sweet Australian Dance Music resonates all the way down Mason St each Monday evening - 18 of the happiest people in town playing the old tunes dating back to a time when there was no telly to sit in front of, when you had to wind up the clock on the mantle piece each evening before retiring, and when the milk and bread and more were home delivered each day.

Yes the Newport Bush Orchestra captures that and more as they wend they way through the old tunes - The Gerversoni Waltzes, The Quick Steps and the The Polkas.

From 7.30 to some time beyond 9.30 each Monday night the groups of fiddlers, uke players, guitarists, accordionists, tin whistlers, mandolinists and more strum and bow and squeeze in time.

All is well with the world in this part of town!

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